August 11, 2010

Bongwater//Obscene & Pornographic Art

So I'm feeling a little loopy today from lack of sleep. Seems like the perfect time to listen to some crazy-ass music. Yesterday I mentioned Ann Magnuson, a member of Pulsallama. Later on in her musical career, Magnuson and Mark Kramer, who owned and ran Shimmy Disc Records, founded Bongwater.

I wanted to play you guys the title track off The Power of Pussy, but Richard Metzger over at Dangerous Minds has an amazing story about making the video, which is definitely worth reading. Instead, I'm going to go with another track off that album, Obscene & Pornographic Art. Each track on the album features Magnuson inhabiting a different character, many times with them giving really funky spoken word soliloquies, taken directly from her dream journal at the time (possibly after she'd drank the bong water).

Obscene & Pornographic Art.mp3

I ain't wearin' any underwear!
I ain't wearin' any underwear!

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