July 5, 2010

Eddy Current Suppression Ring//Cool Ice Cream

I'm hoping that by posting today, you'll excuse me for my mp3 silence on Friday.

There's also this: did I tell you guys I'm getting married? Whoa. I am. Kind of a big deal, especially for someone who's been badmouthing the concept since childhood. But my fiance has really changed my life and my world view on this one. And, even though this likely isn't going to happen for a full year and a half, we have to start planning now. So, if you're wondering, that's where my Friday went.

Moving on, there are few things I want to say about this song:

The first is that it's summer--the day after The 4th in fact--and that summer, for me, is all about ice cream, which becomes so much more justified when it's hot out. This song is also all about ice cream. Well, it may not be exactly about ice cream. But it is about getting something you want and deserve after putting your time in...which is also kind of like summer. I consider living through the months of Novemember through March to be the equivalent of putting one's time in, which is the role of eating one's veggies in this song. Is this making sense? I was at the beach all day yesterday and I think the sun fried up my brain cells.

The second is that this is what The Hives would have sounded like if they were actually good and not a creepily engineered garage punk group designed to make Swedish teenagers part with their parent's money.

My final point is that as a younger person, I really enjoyed punk rock. Many of my friends were in bands and I went to all ages shows at a local firehouse that hosted hardcore, ska, metal and (what were the beginnings of) emo. As you get older, it can be harder to justify listening to punk or even rock music with a lip-curly punk edge (which these guys definitely are). You're...making a sandwich, listening to punk music. You're...cleaning your bathroom, listening to punk music. There's just something that feels weird about it. But after thinking about this for a while, here's what I say to that: FUCK IT. You should listen to loud awesome music whenever you want, because life is short and punk rock is rad. So, you're not 17... So, you have a bank account... It's ok. TURN IT UP EVEN LOUDER. Shock your neighbors. Cool ice cream.

Cool Ice Cream.mp3

Ate all my veggies,
Ate all my soup--
Now can I have just one scoop
Of that cool ice cream?
I deserve my dessert.

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