July 26, 2010

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.//Vocal Chords

It’s not NASCAR: Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

I’ve got some good homies who release their jams on QuiSci, so I thought I’d give this one a listen. I was not disappointed.

Brooke at Big Hassle says:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., a project started in Detroit by two professional men of music and leisure (Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott), is offering an mp3 download for their single, "Nothing But Our Love," (in exchange for an email address) at DaleEarnhardtJrJr.com.

Building ground-up, recording in a basement without the benefit of expensive microphones or big-name producers, while also building top-down with the use of drum machines and samplers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. create what Real Detroit Weekly called "trippy, ethereal hip-hop/folk...it's a weird combination that is delicious to the ear." band's upcoming Horse Power EP, due July 17th on Quite Scientific Records.

That’s right—there’s another free song above, making today a twofur!!!

There’s a lot going on here. Something reminds me a little of Vampire Weekend, not in an annoying way. It’s that light, poppy goodness that drifts through the song all sweet and easy, until the chorus takes it up a notch, providing an almost-danceable energy. Not a bad way to start your week. Not bad at all.

Vocal Chords.mp3

No NYC dates in the immediate future, but keep your eyes pealed here.

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