June 10, 2010

Toro y Moi//Drive South

Let's talk about Chillwave...because even though it's a bit trendy at the moment (or just was...or something? don't hate on me, but I can't actually keep track), I kind of love it:

Chillwave is a debated term used to describe a group of music artists that although sonically disparate, are often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines. Its musical predecessors are diverse and include the synthpop of the 1980s, shoegaze, ambient, musique concrete and various types of music outside of the Western World. The overall aesthetic of chillwave is generally influenced by the idea of hauntology. In this case, nostalgia of 80s synthpop is filtered through a distorted lens, re-envisioning the era in a more vague and lo-fi sense.

A lot of it kind of sounds the same and some of it has retained the 80s cheese, but the fact is, I still like most of it. I hadn't ever heard of Toro y Moi before, but I stumbled upon this track after checking out an acquaintance's new blog, International Tapes (which is actually really worth checking out--a very origintal concept for a music blog that I haven't seen done before).

I heard this song about three days ago and I haven't be able to get it out of my head since then. There's something about that bass line and the echoing synth, the quiet, contemplative lyrics over it...and of course that sweet little guitar riff in the chorus. Brilliant.

Now, I'm going to do the opposite of this song's title and fly north/west for a few days to work on the farm of some friends in Northern MI. I'll see you on Tuesday.

Drive South.mp3

It's different now
Cuz we kissed on other lovers
And we know it doesn't matter anymore.

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