June 23, 2010

Parenthetical Girls//Puritanically Yours

It's Northside Week!
Northside Week: What does that mean?

Saturday's Northside events are filled with friends and indie rock. Oh, yes.

2:00 PM
The Senors of Marseille
@ Glasslands
DMoM: 3

TSoM serve up cute pop songs. Stick around for the interesting sounds of DC's True Womanhood at 6.

4:00 PM
She Keeps Bees
@ Matchless
DMoM: 7

She Keeps Bees kill it with their perfectly paired-down sound. They're also super sweet kids.
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8:00 PM
@ Berry Park
DMoM: 7

Once I played a show with Grandchildren in an overgrown Philadelphia backyard, with the sun streaming down and PBRs in cans flowing freely. I challenge you to recreate my near perfect experience here, although you'll probably have to pay for the PBRs. Sorry.
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11:00 PM
Parenthetical Girls
@ Coco 66
DMoM: 6

I fell in love with these guys from their song on the Bro Zone comp (which I have lost--why!?). I hear their live show is...dramatic...which you can imagine from the mp3 below.

11:30 PM
Memory Tapes
@ Music Hall of Williamsburg
DMoM: 7

Chillwave darlings Memory Tapes will make you feel blissed the fuck out.

1:30 AM
The Beets
@ Knitting Factory
DMoM: 4

Everybody here in NYC loves The Beets and it's easy to see why. Solid garagey fun.

Puritanically Yours.mp3

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