May 12, 2010

Nat "King" Cole//My Baby Just Cares for Me

My baby just got home today from Mpls. I missed her so much and I'm really glad she's home. Ok, so she was only gone for four days. Ok, go ahead, make fun of me then.

Nat "King" Cole's baby was Maria Ellington (no relation), but who did use to sing in Duke Ellington's band. Together they got married and had five kid-os. One of them was Natalie Cole.

In closing, I have no idea who Mr. Tibbits is.

My Baby Just Cares for Me.mp3

My baby's no Crosby fan, Dick Tracy is not her man,
My baby just cares for me.
My baby don't care for Mr. Tibbits.
She'd rather have me around to kibbitz.


Melissa said...

lol.. Awww .. poor fellow.

Lovely song though. Thank you.

g said...

I am a poor fellow.