May 4, 2010

Ben Folds Five//Song for the Dumped

I have a sort of complicated relationship with Ben Folds (Five), although obviously not as complicated as Sady Doyle’s relationship with Rivers Cuomo.

Mine is more about legitimately liking Ben Folds (Five) most of the time (a distinct time of not liking them occurs during the cheesiest hit song ever written about abortion, "Brick"). The real problem is that I have a hard time being able to figure out if the songs I do like fall in the guilty pleasure zone or not. It was only recently, thanks to a video posted on a friend’s Facebook, that I realized that Ben Folds (Five) is not actually a guilty pleasure. The proof is in the (Chatroulette) pudding. Regardless, I loved this album in high school. Remember how back then, all anyone could talk about was how the band was SO CRAZY because they only had A PIANO and NO GUITAR. How weird. It was as if no one in the world had ever seen a piano before, especially not to play rock or alternative music. It was as if Little Richie, Billy Joel, Elton John, had never existed. BEHOLD! THE PIANO!

Back to the subject at hand, I also really liked the (sort of over-produced poorly-titled) solo album that followed shortly thereafter. Zack! And! Sarah!

This song is about a breakup gone bad. Really bad. “Give me my money back, you bitch,” bad.

I had this ex who stole one of my favorite hoodies when we broke up and this song always kind of reminds me of that.

Song for the Dumped.mp3

And don’t forget to give me back my black teeshirt!


rebecca for moderns said...

Has Ali ever told you the story about our backpacking trip and this song? We were 14/15. There were some Amish people, a parking lot, and a meatball sub.

Amychka said...

Whatever, I totally always loved them/him. When I was a teeeeenager and went to their coooonccert I cried during one song from being so excited watching them perform. It was not Brick.
Confessions of a law student ex-cool person (debatable after above confession.)

g said...

I've never heard that one. Maybe Ali can tell me tomorrow.

It's cool. It's allowed.

<3 g