April 7, 2010

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings//Make It Good To Me

I'm sure everyone knows how much I love Sharon Jones at this point. In my mind, she is the ultimate definition of "good."

Just an FYI (bitches), a new album came out yesterday (a good day in a Good Week). Will be purchasing at an independent local music store ASAP. Suggest you do the same. Also, if you're feeling especially poor (cough, cough, like me) you can buy it for a measly 7.99 at Amazon. Go without coffee for three days. No excuses.

This song actually isn't from that album. It appeared instead on the completely awesome Daptone Gold record.

In addition to the signature smooth sound, this song has a great groove. We can also ponder what "making it good" really entails. Sure, it could be innocent...but presumed innuendo abounds. Not that that's not good.

Make It Good To Me.mp3

You see the hour's getting late,
So take some direction.
You see it's half past making up time
And a quarter to affection.
But if you ain't got no new thing to say,
You better go on and fix it the old fashioned way
And make it good to me, baby,
The way it used to be.

Did you know that there's a Good Magazine? According to their site, it's "collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward." Of course, there's also Good Housekeeping.

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