April 14, 2010


Oh! This just missed Good Week!

I will admit that I'm not a huge Morphine fan. Not because I don't like them, but just because I haven't had enough exposure. Much to my dismay, I was too young to catch the wave of college radio that swept them into popularity.

This song got some mainstream radio play as well, which is how I came to know it. I didn't think much about it until I was in my friend's car in Ann Arbor, circa 2004, and this came up on a mixtape. You know the songs you know but you don't know why.
"What is this?" I asked.
"Morphine! COME ON!" he replied. He was a little older than me.

Something I really like about the Morphine I've heard is that the band figured out how to combine a number of styles to make something completely new. Rock is the base coat that gets covered with blues and jazz. A saxophone does the detailing work in this song. I really respect taking this approach, as you might be able to guess.

Mark Sandman, the singer and bassist, died very young, collapsing of a heart attack onstage.


I hear a voice from the back of the room.
I hear a voice cry out,
You want something good.

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