April 12, 2010

Hanne Hukkelberg//Ease

Nordic Tracks, Monday Mail!
What is Monday Mail?

A few weeks ago, Brooke from Big Hassle wrote to invite me to see Hanne Hukkelberg at Scandinavia House's new emerging artist music series.

The first performance of the series features Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg… Out of Scandinavia/Out of Context is a uniquely-selected series of musical performances the first Thursday of the month from April through August 2010, headlining a myriad of fresh Nordic musicians that features one-off and premiere performances.It will continue through August, and has the benefit of being held in a unique cultural space, Scandinavia House, The Nordic Center in America.

Sadly, I was otherwise occupied that evening (when your girlfriend is an actor, you go to a lot of readings). My eyes perked up at the email though, since I had heard a few very good tracks from Hukkelberg’s previous album, Little Things (the song below is featured on that album). She’s got a new one out now called Blood from a Stone, which, if her myspace is any indication, is equally good.

I really like this song because it’s obviously arranged with a number of offbeat found sounds. Woodwinds toot over keyboards and twinkly metallic hits that could be from pots or pans or bicycle spokes. The sound sparkles and flecks like a kaleidoscope. Every turn brings something new, pretty and unexpected.

If you, like me, missed Ms. Hukkelberg’s last show, you’re in luck. She’s got about five New York shows lined up for the next few months, so go make that happen. Meanwhile, the fest also continues. More info on that here.


But when I'm all alone,
My tiny heart of foam
Dries a little.

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