March 11, 2010

Quasi//Little Lord Fontleroy

I don't know why I want to post this song today, but I do. I love Quasi. Ex-married couple Sam Coomes (who was in Heatmiser with Elliott Smith) and Janet Weiss (of Sleater Kinney and The Jicks) just make the best fucking sounds. Coomes' lyrics are often angry, bitter and paranoid, but they also tend to ring true set against his signature warped keyboard sound. And I maintain that Janet Weiss is basically the best drummer ever.

These guys put on one hell of a live show and are still at it. Try to see them, please. Make sure you get a spot where you can watch Janet.

This song is from one of my favorite albums, The Sword of God.

Its title is a reference to the late-1800s children's novel, Little Lord Fauntleroy:

"Little Lord Fauntleroy" is now most often used as a term of derision. It describes a pompous spoiled brat, usually a young male, who takes his wealth and privilege for granted (while this is obviously not consistent with the original character, it is inspired by the perceived self-righteousness of the little lord, and an assumed odiousness in his overweening goodness).

Little Lord Fontleroy.mp3

You're all alone
On your velvet throne.

(Slightly) unrelated reminder: if you're in NYC, I'm DJing tonight at Outpost in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Bring us some records to play!

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