March 30, 2010

Big Brother and the Holding Company//Coo Coo

This morning I woke up with “Mercedes-Benz” in my head and sort of took it as a sign.

Here is a list of the things that Janis Joplin reminds me of, in no order:

-Being in San Francisco
-Jackie Jormp-Jomp
-The best thing in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
-Beth Ditto (or rather, the other way around)
-Leonard Cohen’s “The Chelsea Hotel
-My dad telling me, over and over again, how Big Brother and The Holding Company (see below) was a much better band than the Kozmic Blues Band

I think this song is about some kind of beautiful but cruel love-killing bird with a silly name, although I’m sure they were all on so many hallucinogens that it’s kind of hard to tell. Regardless, it is righteous in that one-minute-fifty-nine-second-thrash-around-your-bedroom way.

Coo Coo.mp3

Every time that she passes,
My true love says goodbye.

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