February 11, 2010

Sleigh Bells//Ring Ring

Stereogum says they're a band to watch. Pitchfork says they're "rising." All this attention is making their first album one of the most anticipated of the year.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you may be well-aquatinted with my feelings on the concept of "hype." Much of the time, I think it's just that--hype. Some of the best music I've ever heard has been completely without buzz and some of the worst music I've ever heard has been completely over-praised by "prominent critics." Once in a while, a band is getting hype because it actually deserves it or because it's special in some way. I kind of feel that way about Sleigh Bells.

It's not that Sleigh Bells are good songwriters or masterful artists. At best, they sound like passable musicians with a creative sound. What I'm sure makes them stand out is their live energy...and this is something I can tell even having never seen them live. You better believe though that I'm going to try to see them live as soon as possible. Their songs sound like the best party you've never been too--the kind you know will be fun and bad and debaucherous; the kind you wouldn't tell your parents about, the kind you want to get yourself to ASAP.

I put this song on my Christmas mix because I thought it was witty and appropriate. And since we're wading through a foot of snow, it still seems so. Get it? Sleigh Bells?

Ring Ring.mp3

You're just a weatherman,
We make the wind blow.

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