February 17, 2010

The Fabulettes//Try the Worrying Way

Anyone with even a mild interest in pop music should probably consider investing in the excellent One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found compilation released by Rhino. These beautiful four discs of rare and not-as-rare girl group tracks are actually packaged in a hat box. I shit you not.

From the Amazon’s description:

Girl groups have enchanted humankind since the era of the ancient Greeks, when legend has it the Sirens attempted to lure wayfarers Odysseus and Jason to their fates; Persephone's chanteuses would eventually even lose a battle of the bands to the Muses. A couple millennia later, female singers would become a dominant force in the pop and rock of the ‘60s, the era anthologized on this four-disc, 120-track collection from Rhino.

This song is about worrying. In this case, the worry is focused around a bad boyfriend. But, let me confess that I’ve been worrying about a lot of stuff lately. Maybe it’s winter madness (thanks, 30 Rock) or maybe it’s just mid-twenties anxiety, but I can’t stop worrying. I’m not going to list all the things I worry about. It would be too long and too sad, but suffice to say, you are not alone if you feel this way too. We are all worrying.

Speaking of sad, general anxiety doesn’t even come close to being as sad as this song’s pre-feminist context. Girl loves boy. Boy cheats on girl. Well, that sucks, but at least girl is losing weight (without taking Metrecal!) fretting over it. Lame.

Too bad about the offensiveness of the situation, because a. ladies, I know you’ve been there (whether you are freaking out over a boy or a girl) and b. this song is so rad. I can’t find anything at all about these Fabulettes (instead I keep getting some kind of 90s girl group parody—-gross). Regardless, they are quite fabulous!

Try the Worrying Way.mp3

I don’t count calories.
I don’t exercise.
I just wonder what woman my man’s been with
When he tells me he’s been out with the guys.


Lars said...

More about The Fabulettes can be found here:

They were from Florida.

g said...

Cool! Thanks, Lars!