February 10, 2010

Elliott Smith//Angel in the Snow

I woke up today and looked out the window. A.’s back garden was white and sparkly. I’m not sure that this is the snowmageddon that everyone thought it would be, but it’s still pretty. On my way to the office (yeah, no snow day for me), even the decimated industrial swamp section of Jersey looked pretty. Now that takes a lot.

I hope that you’re at home and not at work. I hope you are putting on your boots, your long underwear and your snow pants to go sled or build snowmen or maybe make snow angels. I hope someone you love is going with you. I hope you are going to have hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows after that. And I hope that you’ll snuggle into blankets with the heat as high as you want and watch your favorite movie again.

This is a song by late great Elliott Smith about love and snow angels. It’s a song about being in awe of someone or something. You must know what I’m talking about.

Angel in the Snow.mp3

I’m crushed out on the way you are.

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