January 13, 2010

The Velvet Underground//There She Goes Again

Since we're just taking the obvious route this week, here's a song by The Velvet Underground, who everyone said The Strokes copied/sounded like when they came out. I'm not sure that that's actually true. The Strokes met in prep school in the late 90s. The Velvets were formed in the mid-60s by Lou Reed, a heroin addict who was interested in avant-garde classical music and received electroconvulsive therapy to cure him of his homosexual tendencies as a child. Uhm? Casablancas kind of tries to sound like Reed sometimes. The Strokes drew on punk influences; The Velvets helped to create punk. They both formed in New York City, I guess. I'm out of ideas here.

My uncle gave me a homemade Velvet Underground mixtape in high school. Sometimes I played it in my room. My dad would come up and tell me that "they were bums!" but then, he would still admit to liking them anyway.

Also, for some reason, at the beginning of college, my friends and I all became obsessed with "I'm Sticking With You." I guess that reason is just because it's hilarious.

According to Wikipedia, "There She Goes Again" is pretty much lifted:
The syncopated guitar riff is taken from the 1962 Marvin Gaye song, "Hitch Hike", but is most likely influenced by The Rolling Stones' cover version, from their 1965 album Out of Our Heads.

There's a lot more I could write about The Velvet Underground here, but I'm sure you already know it. Right?

There She Goes Again.mp3

Take a look,
There's no tears in her eyes.
Like a bird,
You know she will fly.
What can you do?
(There she goes)
You see her walkin' on down the street.
(There she goes)
Look at all your friends that she gonna meet.
(There she goes)

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