January 11, 2010

The Octagon//Suicide Kings

Octagonal Trio, Monday Mail!
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Meanwhile, Josh from Fanatic says:

The Octagon’s Will Glass and Zachary Mexico met as kids in boarding school when Glass made fun of Mexico’s Green Day t-shirt. The guys huddled together in dorm rooms, late at night, drinking from warm 40’s of St. Ides and handles of Captain Morgan, listening to Motown, Astral Weeks, Guided by Voices, Dead Kennedys, and The Grateful Dead. Eventually landing in NYC, Glass and Mexico met up with bass player The Bunny, forming The Octagon and touring behind two albums.
Other pursuits came calling and Mexico relocated to China - where he still spends part of the year - to write his first book, “China Underground” (Soft Skull Press, 2009) which became a bestseller in Singapore. Glass went on the road as the touring drummer for Dirty Projectors and The Bunny languished in Williamsburg, spending his days begging for money outside the Bedford Avenue L stop to support his gourmet sandwich habit.

And then, in the dark winter days of February 2009, the members of The Octagon found themselves back together and working on a new batch of songs in their dimly lit practice space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Led by the lo-fi recording expertise of Glass, the band spent three days laying down thirty tunes to analog cassette tape on two Tascam four-track recorders. The result is Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever, an album full of Mexico’s warm Fender Mustang, Bunny’s full bass tones, and the clean and crisp jazz-inflected drumming of Glass.

The songs are concise bursts of energy – short and to the point -- showing off the band’s gift for penning simple, catchy melodies mixed with sonic and structural experimentation. It’s a cool enough sound to be represented on a boarding school kid’s t-shirt... and catchy enough for another one to make fun of him for.

Josh kinda said it all, huh? This song is awesome and the sound reminds me of a dirtier, lazier Strokes, when The Strokes were brand new. LoFi in that old school way. Strong melody. Good lyrics. I’m sold.

Also, I should add that as a kid, we played a few different variations of schoolyard handball. Weirdly, the names of these two varieties (always involving the school’s brick wall and a neon yellow/green tennis ball) were “Suicide” and “Kings.” Coincidence? I think not.

Catch The Octagon on 1/22 at Bruar Falls for their album release. They're also on an American tour right now AS WE SPEAK!

Suicide Kings.mp3

From New York to Chicago,
You’re the first one to be alone.
You’re the first one to turn me on.

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