January 18, 2010

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes//Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back)

Monday Mail: A Letter from Dad
What is Monday Mail?

How was your weekend? Mine was busy, but good. On Saturday I had a recording session in NJ, so I decided to stop at my parent’s house afterwards to say hi to my family, have dinner and play two rousing games of Scrabble.

When I got home, my dad started in about how I should definitely post a song to commemorate the life and passing of Teddy Pendergrass, who died on Wednesday. He reminded me that I had grown up listening to this album (I was raised with a strong allegiance to "Philly Soul") and then proceeded to play it through three to four times over the course of dinner and Scrabble (to be fair, by Scrabble we had mostly moved on to The Stylistics and The Supremes).

From the deep eye-rolls of the rest of my family (especially my younger sister, who seems to be particularly wounded by dad’s music jags), I could tell that since “Teddy Bear’s” passing, Harold & The Blue Notes had been in heavy rotation in the house.

“All his songs go on about three minutes too long” –my sister.

And so, from a true HM&TBNs enthusiast who continues to show unwavering support in the face of mild familial disapproval, at my request for song suggestions, dad writes:

You wanted Satisfaction Guaranteed and you can't go wrong with that one. Or any of the others. Personally, on reflection, the one that truly reflects the band's skills, Teddy's skill and the Disco Age is Don't Leave Me This Way. But if you use, note that the popular one that the woman turned into a big hit was a cover of the Blue Notes and not the other way around. Baby please!

Pendergrass had a rather amazing story. He started as a drummer and quickly became a very successful heartthrob of a lead singer (girls threw panties, he sometimes performed to female-audience-only shows). In 1982, a car accident left him paralyzed, which led him to do much charity work for spinal chord injuries. He died of colon cancer.

RIP Teddy. Your masculine voice and sexy live shows will be missed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back).mp3 *

You ain’t got no reason to be nervous
Cuz Teddy Bear's gonna give you the best of service.

*This file skips a little. I am sorry about this. All the more reason to go buy the aforementioned album.

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