January 4, 2010

EP Island//Heart Fit

The First Monday Mail of 2010!
What is Monday Mail?

Hello OSS and welcome to the fourth day of the not-aughts! I missed you! It’s been a long and somewhat restful break. My holidays involved a mix lots of snow, drum lessons, pagan ceremonies, airports, hotel-dwelling, sight-seeing and bar-drinkin’ that spanned over three American cities. How were yours?

At the height of the “giving season,” LL from Down the Lees and EP Island wrote:

Guess what?? We are full of the giving spirit. So we are giving away free downloads for both EP Island albums! That's 6 songs (plus a bonus track) absolutely free! No catch - just free. So go to our bandcamp site and download Good'ish and Rad'ish - on us!

EP Island is an interesting concept. From the “band’s” page:

LL Schultz and Melanie Covey are EP Island, which is a home-studio-based songwriting and recording project, executed over intensive periods. They wanted to work together musically, but without the usual format of a band with weekly practices.

Basically, the group gets together and records EPs. This sounds way fun to me.

As you can probably imagine, the tracks coming out of these sessions are more raw than they are polished. That said, there’s something refreshing about listening to music that’s been conceived this way. Unprocessed and unpretentious, the songs capture some of the experimentation and spontaneity that come from jamming (for lack of a better word).

This song, “Heart Fit”—for those of you on New Year’s Diets, mixes the vox a bit to the back, which I enjoy. This, combined with the overlapping guitar lines, makes for something a bit like Sleater-Kinney lite. Not a bad start to the year at all.

Heart Fit.mp3

You can download both EP Island albums for free here.

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