November 2, 2009


9-12 work; 12-1 lunch; 1-2:30 work; 2:30-3:30 tea; 3:30-5 work; 5-11 pub; now-now Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was NUTS! It was filled with music, party-hoppin’ and cops. SUCCESS!

I thought maybe people would be interested in something a bit different this time around and the inbox was happy to oblige.

Brooke at Big Hassle writes:

Omo's The White Album is an album full of spiky little pop gems. A little like Laurie Anderson jamming with the Tom Tom Club, or a collaboration of Laurie Anderson and Young Marble Giants, mixed by Ricardo Villalobos, occasionally joined by Enoch Light on vibes and Raymond Scott on synthesizer. This is a surefire chart hit in a parallel universe where all TV programmes are made by David Lynch and every household owns a hover car. If you're looking for music with depth and character, that is fun and wants to get to know you, meet Omo.

It’s hard to find things that are really original and new in our very recycled age. Omo is certainly borrowing from places here, but I like that they’re taking a unique approach to it. I also like that it’s absurd, because, fuck, life is absurd.

Also, I’m fond of tea. I’m drinking some right now. Hell yeah, I am.


Another cup of tea?


Frederik said...

Love it.
Wonderfully lo-fi without any complexes.

g said...

Glad you like it, Frederik.

gustavo said...

Hey, I accidently downloaded this song ('cause the band's name is cool) and found whistlings in it! I collect whistling songs in my blog!

Thank you! It is one more song for my catalog.

PS: Your blog is great! Keep doing this!

g said...

Gustavo--I meant to mention that this song has a mean whistle part! Thanks for catching it and thanks for reading/listening!

gustavo said...

did well don't mentioning. I love surprises! ;)