November 26, 2009

Earthworms//Mo' Taters

I'm sitting here in my family's kitchen in New Jersey, playing today's song for my grandparents. They are dancing along. Mamoo heard the first line and exclaimed, "this is my kind of music!"

It's Thanksgiving and everyone knows that the best part of the traditional American meal is not the Turkey, but IS actually the potato dish. Whether you eat yours roasted or in sweet in one of those caserole-with-mini-marshmallow situations, potatoes are the jam.

I prefer my potatos white and mashed and made by Mamoo according to her secret recipe, which I think includes A LOT of butter.

I came across this song on a LP, called Las Vegas Grind, that Ethan (who I've coicedentally celebrated Thanksgiving with three years in a row now and who is on his way here AS WE SPEAK) gave me. He bought it for me because my favorite graphic novelist/life hero Dan Clowes did the cover (see below). I really love Dan Clowes. I only have one tattoo and it's a frame of Ghost World.

This band is so obscure that there's virtually no information available about them anywhere (and the internet can't decide if they're called "Earthworm," "Earthworms" or "Earthworms!"). LVG doesn't have liner notes and although we can assume that these are all '50s bands, it's kind of hard to tell anything beyond that.

What is clear, however, is that this song is a complete celebration of "taters" and all the many different ways you can enjoy them. It is also a jam, and highly danceable for kids of all ages.

So, from OSS, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are hanging out with people you love and eating plenty of delicious food, including potatoes.

Mo' Taters.mp3

Mo' taters, Ma!


Ian Zamboni said...

Earthworm/Earthworms was actually a name for jazz/soul musicians Oliver Saina and Little Milton
Little Milton

They cut the 45 for Bobbin Records, a label I have little information about. It appears to have been the b-side. Not sure on that.

g said...

This is awesome. Thanks, Ian.