November 9, 2009

Animal Kingdom//Tin Man

New Mainstreamish Pop You Can Like (Of Course it’s from Europe): Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

I am not surprised at all that this song and album were produced by Phil Ek. It sounds remarkably like the most recent release from Band of Horses (YET ANOTHER BAND WITH AN ANIMAL NAME). While I felt so-so about that record (some songs were amazing, some not so much), I think this sound, with its reverb-heavy mildly-warbled vox and its brash guitars, really works when it’s fighting for good and not evil. I’m also really really into that mild organ that’s mixed to the back. MMM like it. Ahem, yes…

Lauren from Sneak Attack says:

The album was recorded at Seattle’s Electrokitty Studios with Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Band of Horses). And the band has shared the stage with bands as diverse as Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses, Camera Obscura, Snow Patrol and a UK tour with the Silversun Pickups.

For a band that’s trying to pick up press right now, there’s not really a whole lot of info about them on the web. They’re from South London, although, according to The Guardian, “One of the best things you can say about Animal Kingdom is that they don't sound British – rather they sound American, specifically from upstate New York.” I think that’s bullshit. They sound plenty British to me, as much as anything can “sound” anything anymore. However, they also said this: “They could be the first stadium-rock balladeers it's OK to like.” Yeah, ok Guardian, now we're getting somewhere.

Tin Man.mp3

Since you took my heart,
I got a missing part.

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