October 8, 2009

Jill Scott//Gettin' in the Way

In my opinion, there is little more terrifying than someone who gets angry in a cold and calm manner. That is why when Jill Scott delivers her threats in this song directed towards a potentially hysterical, lying, desperate other woman set to try to steal her man, I believe her...and I fear her.

This song is such a jam, but it's also a really great warning never to fuck around with Scott. When she talks about taking her rings off and beating the shit out of the threatening crazy-girl, I'm feel myself getting scared like I'm watching a horror film. Scott also comes off as an ultimate member of soul royalty here, maintaining her dignity, but also ready to resort to force if she has too.

In classic Philly fashion, Scott has been involved with reigning hometown hip hop heros The Roots for over nine years now. She's also recently tiptoed into film and TV work.

And, to leave on a positive note, fear isn't the only emotion that should be associated with this R+B/soul goddess. She does a lot of charity and activist work, focused on Philly and the totally burnt-out Camden, including establishing her own foundation to help minority students pay for college. She's also spoken out about the representation of women in hip hop. So yeah, awesome music and good work, Ms. Scott. And we won't be fucking with your man anytime soon.

Gettin' in the Way.mp3

Everything was beautiful between me and him
And here come you and your big mouth talking about me,
Telling him that you seen me up 24th Street
With them other Cats,
But you know that's a lie.
You keep lying to my man, girlfriend,
I'm go take you out in the middle of the street and whoop your tail
For all it's worth--
5.99 or something like that.


Mark said...

Awesome post! Love Jill Scott and the philly soul sound. Thanks.

g said...

Thanks, Mark!

Katherine said...

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