October 23, 2009

Delta 5//Mind Your Own Business

SO here I am with another post, since two people told me what they wanted to be when they grew up in the last post (not a grown-up and a studier of dinosaurs). Thanks, guys.

Today I did a little free association to get here. Here's a rough sketch: Talking Heads->Tom Tom Club->Covered by Chicks on Speed->who also covered this song.

From Wikipedia:

Combining feminist politics with a two-bass funk-punk sound (much in the style of another, more famous Leeds band, Gang of Four), they released in 1979 their debut single, "Mind Your Own Business"...Delta 5 were also important figures in the Rock Against Racism movement, and were the subject of a highly-publicized assault at the hands of a right-wing group affiliated with rival movement Rock Against Communism.

Rock Against Racism and Rock Against Communism? Seriously? Apparently these were two opposing 70s-era UK music coalitions about ending racism and white power, respectively.

This song is a good way to kick off the weekend after a particularly annoying week for me. Is "mind your own business" just a slightly more polite way to say "fuck off"? Yeah, I think so.

I actually saw CoS play this at the Majestic in Detroit, which was pretty amazing. For some reason, they were throwing colorful sponges into the audience. I should also note that this was the same show where Kot and I actually bashed our heads into a table through the entirety of Peaches set--but that is a story for another post--most likely the inevitable upcoming post featuring Tracy and the Plastics. While the live version was pretty incredible (kitchen cleaning accessories and all), I don't think they have anything on this amazing original version.

Mind Your Own Business.mp3

Can I have a taste of your ice cream?
Can I lick the crumbs from your table?
Can I interfere in your crisis?

No, mind your own business!

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