October 19, 2009

Anders Ponders//Slowest Motion Miracle

Holy Viola! It's Monday Mail!
What is Monday Mail?

Patrick at Vitriol says:

Anders Ponders is the stage name for Anders Mattson, a Minneapolis musician who is very insistent about his commonly mispronounced name. Similar to Andrew Bird and Final Fantasy, Anders writes songs on viola (not violin) with the aid of a loop pedal and embellished by sequencers, samples, guitar, and vocals. Whimsical lyrics, dream like melodies, and driving percussion express a desire to return to innocence and magic.

I say:
Comparing someone to Andrew Bird makes me check them out and I can definitely see why that comparison came up. I don’t think Anders Ponders is anywhere near as awesome or developed as Bird yet, but that said, I didn’t even much care for early Bird. HAHA. EARLY BIRD. UNWITTING MONDAY PUN.

Like Bird, Anders comes from classical training. I can’t deny that I am a sucker for a Viola. I’ve been listening to this album and it’s quite enjoyable. Interesting lyrics, unconventional instrumentation, good songwriting. I would suggest you check this guy out before he’s selling out Carnegie Hall or something.

Slowest Motion Miracle.mp3

Losing our dignity came in stages
Silver then bronze and then iron ages

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