September 19, 2009

Solex//That's What You Get with People Like That on Cruises Like These...

Sorry, guys, time got away from me yesterday--busy having the most fun day EVER! For you, I will work on the weekend.

A. and I have HIGHLY conflicting schedules these days, so when the rare opportunity for us to actually spend a full day together presents itself, we try to go for it. Yesterday was just such a day, and just happened to be one of the most beautiful of the year, sunny and 73. We slept in, grabbed brunch and then checked out a few of the Park(ing) Day events on Myrtle Ave., which included a wine-tasting and bike-fixing even at 2pm. We stopped by Outpost (where I am now, surprise) for a second to say hi to Amy and then went out to the Hudson to see an interesting, if odd play, adapted from Melville's Confidence Man, on a boat.

We mostly went because A. had a lot of friends in the cast and crew, but it ended being a pretty cool idea and strong performance that really did transport the audience, even if the execution had some pretty large content flaws. Anyway, the way it started out with audience members being "tracked" in the story by following one of six different different cruise director types. This, of course, reminded me (me being me) of Solex.

Like so many of my favorite music, Ali introduced me to this dutch electronic artist (real name: Elisabeth Esselink). Esselink, who takes her stage name from a french moped brand, is a sampling wiz and record-store owner! who started making her own records with many of the albums in her store. Dutch. Experimental. Poppy. Smart. Witty. Electronic. Record store owner. Obviously, this is any serious indie music-lover's wet dream. I'm with you, Solex. Are you guys with me?

That's What You Get with People Like That on Cruises Like These....mp3

I won a cruise.
I'm on the loose, loose, loose.
Jump in a pool
with lots of booze.

In my bright blue suits
From Taiwan, China
And bright yellow shirts
With my collar spread open.

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