September 21, 2009

Little Girls//Heinz

Take cover. It’s Monday. It’s Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

Brooke from Big Hassle writes:

Toronto-based group Little Girls (Josh McIntyre and co.) are preparing for an extensive North American tour performing with Japandroids, Monotonix, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Wavves and Nurses among others. This fall tour will be in support of their forthcoming debut album, Concepts, an eleven-track album that spans from the very first Little Girls track ever written to brand new material…

It all started when McIntyre recorded a few songs in his home studio as a side project in early 2009. Seeking the unbiased opinions from friends and musical peers he anonymously posted the music on the internet under the name "Little Girls," a name he believed least likely to reveal his identity. His influences come from the 80's no-wave post-punk scene, and the early 80's golden era of hip-hop. Equally influential are the late hip-hop artist J. Dilla, as well as Can, Joy Division, Wire, and The Clean.

I am not surprised that Little Girls is playing some shows with Wavves. If Wavves is THE definitive saturated fuzzed-out surf band, Little Girls sounds poised to become THE saturated fuzzed-out garage+goth/post-punk revival thing(?). I hear a little Ian Curtis in the vocals over that wall of overdrive.

As for this particular track, it’s a cover of a song by a little-known 70s British post-punk band called Artery.

Heinz (Artery Cover).mp3

Catch them at the Cake Shop on 10/20 (although that’s the same day as this show, which is where I’ll be for sure).

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