September 3, 2009

Erin McKeown//Blackbirds

If there are any of you listening at home with playlists, please pay attention here, because this song really works well with yesterday's song. "Hackensack" drifts along, all melancholy and defeated and then finally peters out--then this song stomps in like a boot to your face. A big, tough women's boot.

Yes, this is a really dykey choice, but of course, totally awesome. I was super way into this album about eight years ago. I used to listen to it over and over again (good sounds and good songs), and, when I finally figured this riff out, I was extremely excited. I think I ran up to 420 (two of my best friends lived in a dorm room which was number 420 (four and twenty?) and which was also, coincidentally, a smoking room) and played it for everybody.

Erin McKeown is about to release a new album on (shock) Righteous Babe and is also in an unsigned band called Emma with Allison Miller (hot).


Four and twenty blackbirds, too baked themselves to care,
Fly away you dainty dish, two blackbirds flew upstairs.