September 15, 2009


Daniel Victor Snaith, better known as Caribou or Manitoba, is a Canadian electronic musician. He was actually sued a few years ago and forced to change his name, which is how Caribou (which he (not surprisingly) chose while on an LSD trip with friends in the Canadian wilderness) came about.

Chris, a friend at the office, urged me to listen to Caribou a few years ago. I had heard a few Manitoba songs on various comps, but nothing really grabbed me like the material on 2007’s Andorra.

All light and dreamy and hazy, the music transports me to an alternate reality where the honey harmonies of the 60s meet the electronic sounds of 00s in blissful drugged-out unity. This is music to play first thing in the morning, when light is streaming gently through your bedroom window or to allow to drift calmly through your headphones as you lay out in the park grass on a sunny afternoon. Lucky for you, it’s a beautiful day. If you’re not at the office, find a spot outside and just be.


Now I'm divided
Like a flock of birds when excited
And picture circles in the sky.
You can't believe me
Like all of the others who leave me
And feel their shapes across the aisle.

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