September 23, 2009

Black Star//Definition

Is it just me, or is the week DRAGGING!? I am having one of those weeks where you feel totally overwhelmed with all the shit that has to get done. Feel me? Let's take a break from that for a sec.

My high school boyfriend, a totally sweet dude, was way way into conscious hip hop and so it's not surprising that he was my first introduction to Black Star. We used to roll around listening to them in his tan Camry (which I named Trip after a main character in The Virgin Suicides--yes). Much later in Ann Arbor, my friend Katy was super super into them and got me to actually pay attention (thanks, Katy). Kweli+Def=perfect.

Speaking of Ann Arbor, Palmyra's going out there this weekend (part of the reason for the feelings of insanity) to play some shows. This track is fucking incredible. The beat. The flow. I almost forget all the stuff I have to get done before we leave in two days.


Manhattan keep on makin' it.
Brooklyn keep on takin' it.

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