August 20, 2009

Stephen Malkmus (and the Jicks)//Church on White

Hello. Today OSS comes live from day two of intensive Palmyra recording sessions at Karl's apartment. It's hot as balls here and when we're not tracking, we're all camping out in Karl's bedroom with the AC and the fan.

I asked my bandmates what the song should be today and Kenny helpfully suggested something from Stephen Malkmus's Pig Lib. Karl specifically suggested “Vanessa from Queens,” because it's summery (so summery, it made it onto Ali and I's summer mix, long long ago).

Don't get me wrong—I really like Pig Lib and I REALLY like “Vanessa from Queens,” but I've always fancied myself more of a self-titled album girl. Oh, those Jicks. Oh, Janet (even though she's not actually on this album).

Q: Karl, why do you like Steve Malkmus?
A: He sounds like he embraces his guilty pleasures and makes them sound good. He'll do what normally would be super cornball, but then it will actually be kind of cool.

Q: Kenny, why do you like Steve Malkmus?
A: Because I like Pavement...And I wish Pavement were still together.

And there you have it.

Church on White.mp3

When enough is enough
Do the fakers drop out?
Promise me
You will always be
Too awake to be famous,
Too wired to be safe.
But all you really wanted
Was everything
Plus everything
And the truth.
I only poured you
Half a lie.

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