August 3, 2009

The Idles//You'd Forget

LoFi MoFi: Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

Last week, I got an email from Kellen about a new label called Acousticlaw:

we recently launched acoustaclaw records to help spread the word on the music being made by some of our friends here in washington, dc. we are very happy to be kicking things off with 4 excellent albums from the idles, quidnunk and the idles/quidnunk collaboration mystery squid and hope you'll give them a listen and consider sharing them with your readers. some comparables might be artists such as the silver jews, smog and ariel pink.

each of these 4 albums can be downloaded in their entirety for absolutely nothing, so feel free to post whatever/as much as you like.

Smog? Silver Jews? Go on, I’m listening. Everything’s free? This label is called Acousticlaw? What could be bad about this?

Especially like this because it sounds very 90s indie to me, and that is a sound I wholeheartedly enjoy!

One little tip for those starting fledgling labels: links to myspace pages help a lot.

Note: not to be confused with the UK Idles.

You’d Forget.mp3

All you do is hang out at KFC now.

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