July 28, 2009

Talib Kweli//Get By

Guys, today I just want to listen to hip hop. It’s fucking hot and everyone knows that hot is the weather of hip hop.

This song is a classic Angie mix tape song, another that I would rewind and press play on in an endless loop in my forever-breaking down silver Hyundai in Ann Arbor days. Oh. My. God. This song, from Kweli’s first Black Star-departure solo record Quality, is just that: QUALITY.
The rhymes are fucking AMAZING.
The Nina Simone sample (Sinnerman--that track here, if you're interested) is PERFECT.
The gospel choir is ON FIRE.
The production, by Mr. West pre-mega fame, is FLAWLESS.

If similarly sample-heavy/inspirational/Kanye-produced Dialated Peoples burner “This Way” is an anthem of change and self-betterment, than “Get By” is a tale of sheer survival in the face of a fucked up day-to-day. And that message isn’t lost on me. The world is totally fucked up, and often, doesn’t make it easy for many people to succeed. Does that mean you should stop trying? Hell fucking no.

Get out in the sun and blare this baby, full volume.

Get By is gone, and has been, for weeks now, despite the fact that someone keeps taking this post off Blogger using Chilling Effects. There's no offending content here. Hasn't been any for a while!

Our parents sing like John Lennon, "Imagine all the people…,”
We rock like Paul McCartney from now until the last Beatle drop.


Elixir said...

check the smif n wessun/kweli remix @


Dancefloor Mayhem said...

Thanks for the track! Talib Kweli is a dope MC.

g said...

Elixir: That was pretty sweet.

Dancefloor: Thanks for reading and listening.