July 13, 2009

The Rest//Modern Time Travel (Necessities)

Oh, Canada. Oh, Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

Back in May, Auteur Recordings wrote:

As summer closes in, we here at Auteur Recordings are extremely proud to announce the sophomore release of Everyone All At Once by The Rest. This pride may or may not stem from us being members of The Rest, but understandably it’s hard to differentiate between the two.

Pride well-deserved, The Rest. The music is dramatic, with big builds and truly sincere vocals. Actually the vocals remind me a little of The October Project, in a good way.

This band also has a lot of Canada-pride. I think Canada is cool, so I’m down with this. Speaking of Canada, did you guys hear that Tim Horton’s is taking over a bunch of NYC Dunkin’ Donuts!? Maple Doughnuts, here we come.

Modern Time Travel (Necessities).mp3

It’s a ways away, but The Rest will be in NYC in September. More info on their dates here.

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