July 10, 2009

Nada Surf//Popular

Fun in the Sun, Catchin’ the Rays, Loose Interpretations: Surf Week.

Nada Surf isn’t SURF music but “Surf” is the second word in their name, so why not?

This song was a total summer jam in 1996. I bet you remember watching the video. I remember watching the video. A lot. I was in middle school.

Nada Surf, despite getting loads of music-industry breaks (a major label, a hot producer, solid tour connections), was relegated to relative obscurity after this really awesome one-hit-wonder faded out. Elektra, convinced that there wasn’t a single-worthy track on their next album, dropped them and they were forced to sue for control of the collection. After this, they went indie. I actually saw them, probably in 2001, in the final glory days of that teenage Jersey bastion of punk/hardcore/metal/ska/emo, The Wayne Firehouse.

And so, with this golden piece of 90s indie (kinda), I declare Surf Week to be officially over. I’m going camping.


I'm head of the class.
I'm popular.
I'm the quarterback.
I'm popular.
My mom says I'm a catch.
I'm popular.
I'm never last picked.
I got a cheerleader chick.

Surf Week Fact #4: Move over, bike gangs. Local surfers can sometimes use intimidation and violence, in an attempt to guard their surf break against use by outsiders in an attempt to avoiding crowding. This is called "localism." Some surfers have been known to form gangs that surf a certain break, and fiercely protect their spot from outsiders. These surfers are typically referred to simply as "locals".


Esuterra said...

i love nada surf! too bad they got dropped

g said...

Seriously--the fall of the major labels/the great purge of talent that "didn't have a single" was a downright tragedy.