July 1, 2009

David-Ivar/Herman Düne//Time of Glory/NYC

Well, after our foray into Roots of American Folk, I didn’t want to bombard you with anything too heavy today. This is folky and Frenchy, so seems like a natural transition, right?

I saw this man play a show way back when at The Totally Awesome House with Kimya Dawson. He is very tall, and a bit gangly. Sometimes his voice cracks in awkward places, but his songs are very good!

Also, I really like it when international singer-songwriters sing in English and have translation mishaps. It’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re intentional or not, but most of the time they’re either extremely endearing or just play funny.

This song is totally about playing shows in the city and, as someone who plays shows in NYC, I have to say I think the lyrics are really genuine and really true. Glory…and not making any money.

Mostly Unrelated: In other adorable international singer-songerwiter news, Jens Lekman got The Swine. Feel better, Jens.

Time of Glory/NYC.mp3

At the end of the night,
I got well-rewarded
With a ticket for a free drink.
The choice is Red Stripe or Pabst.
It was my time of glory,
New York City.

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