July 22, 2009

Charlotte Gainsbourg//The Songs That We Sing

Last night, in a weird haze of post-shitty doctor’s appointment, A. and I decided to watch I’m Not There, which has been collecting dust in its little Netflix pouch on my mantle for at least a month or so now. Even though it was long and weird, I’m really glad we did. It was such a creative take on Dylan.

One of the best performances in the film was by Charlotte Gainsbourg, who played the wife of the asshole actor version of Dylan. I’d never seen Gainsbourg act, only heard her music, so I was really interested when I saw her name run on the opening credits. She was totally amazing (and so fucking hot, too).

A little background: it’s no wonder that Gainsbourg ended up a singer/actor, as that was the exact occupation combo of both of her famous French parents (Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg (<3!)). Besides the Dylan movie, she’s done plenty of stage acting and other indie films. This (decidedly French pop) song, lushly orchestrated and instantly catchy, is from her second album 5:55. She’s currently working on her third, with Beck.

The Songs That We Sing.mp3

I saw somebody who
Reminded me of you before you got afraid.
I wish you that you could have stayed that way.

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