July 8, 2009

Brian Wilson//Hang On To Your Ego

Yeah. You got that right. It's Surf Week. What's it to you?

I had a highly frustrating day at work today in which my computer totally crashed and I was stranded in the office for many hours with virtually nothing to do. Fuck you, IT!!!!

And thus, this song about "hanging on to your ego" by the ultimate legends of surfy-pop, The Beach Boys, is doubly apt. Although, apparently the title is a drug reference to that special ability of LSD to shatter one's ego. Of course, as a result, the song was controversial--it was renamed "I Know There's an Answer" for release on the '66 classic, Pet Sounds.

Hang On To Your Ego.mp3

Surf Week Fact #3: Surf music is a genre of popular music associated with surf culture, particularly Orange County and other areas of Southern California. It has two basic subgenres: 1. Surf pop music, including both surf ballads and dance music that includes a vocal line. Sometimes called "beach music" as it was popular amongst non-surfers as well. (Surf pop should not be confused with the "shag tempo" beach music of the Carolinas, however.) 2. Surf rock, generally instrumental in nature with an electric guitar or saxophone playing the main melody.


mmrules said...

Got any Honk ?

"Pipeline Sequence" would be great..

karl said...


rebecca for moderns said...

WHY ARE THEY WEARING FLANNEL? I'm so confused. My ego's been shattered by their flannel.

g said...

See above.

authoritativebastard said...

Hi, just discovered your blog. Thanks for the great tunes.

I was only aware of the Pixies' cover of "Hang on to your ego", and was unaware that it was originally a Beach Boys song. I'd heard so many great things about 'Pet Sounds', and this confirms it. I think I ought to listen to the entire record now.


g said...

Thanks for reading, authoritativebastard. We could always use more authoritative bastards.

I don't feel crazy in love with Pet Sounds the way that some people do, but it is an awesome album and it definitely deserves a spin or two.