June 30, 2009

Cleoma Breaux And Joseph Falcon//La Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme

Today at around noon, the power went out in my office. As a result, I'm finishing the day working from home (read: my backyard). My upstairs neighbor has planted sunflowers and they've gotten taller than me. It's pretty damn nice out here right now.

To go with the pastoral outdoor theme that the afternoon unexpectedly took on, I thought I would post my favorite track from one of my all-time favorite birthday presents ever (thanks, Aunt Deb).

This six-disc set is jam packed with old-timey...well...jams. Als and I got pretty obsessed with the whole collection during the summer of 2006 (the last golden summer in Ann Arbor), after repeat viewings of Wisconsin Death Trip, which features many of the songs as a soundtrack.

This one is obviously the best. The title translates, from the Creole French, to "The Old Drunkard and His Wife." From the very thorough annotations that come with the anthology, we learn that this is Joe Falcon (1900-1965) and his wife Cleoma Breaux. It's Cajun (obvs) and was recorded in Atlanta in 1929. These guys totally blew up in Louisiana, where Cleoma also played with her brothers, The Breaux Freres.

La Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme.mp3

A bit more here.

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