May 4, 2009

Story of the Sea//Smoking

Save it for a rainy Monday (Mail).
What is Monday Mail?

Publicists bombarding you with emails about their 58973 bands can get a little overwhelming. That said, Ian from Vitriol has yet to disappoint me, as a much higher percentage of his bands are worth the while. Story of the Sea appears to be no exception. From the band’s bio:

Do brothers make bands better?
The Beach Boys? Sure. Oasis? Wellll...
No matter the verdict, in the case of Minneapolis' Story of the Sea, whatever patented sibling telekinesis a quartet can benefit from, the Prince brothers have it in spades.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for Minneapolis (and Michigan!) exports, but I’m down with these guys. The brothers Prince (presumably no relation to the other Minneapolis-based Prince of fame) make reference to genre-hopping, but what I hear in Story of the Sea is a straightforward well-executed hybrid of power pop and indie rock, which I love. The vocal quality and melodies remind me of a Jason Falkner or a Josh Clayton Felt or even a more upbeat Rufus Wainwright.

Additionally, musical composition and style aside, I think we can all identify with the idea of one stupid decision changing the course of your life. Inhale. Exhale. Empty bank account.


If I didn’t start smoking, I might have been a millionaire.

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