May 21, 2009

John Vanderslice//Fetal Horses

John Vanderslice released a new record, Romanian Names, yesterday. While I basically agree with Tiny Mix Tape’s review, there are plenty of great tracks on this album, which of course has been on repeat for me since I got it. And, although the songwriting has turned slightly back toward the personal/fictional and away from the political, there are still touches of awareness thrown in (DIALO, for example) and as always, many of the stories are set clearly against the background of our modern globalized American landscape. This is something that JV has always been good at.

I was first introduced to Mr. Vanderslice somewhat by accident. My aunt, who is a music reviewer, is often giving me piles of cast-off discs. One year, probably freshman year of college, she sent me a package full of cut-outs and Life and Death of an American Fourtracker was inside, along with plenty of whatever albums, I’m sure. I was instantly smitten and made a point to collect everything else I could find (including some weird old MK Ultra stuff).

I really don’t think this man can be beat by ANYONE for his combination of skills. He’s a fantastic recordist, an incredible song-writer and quite strong at putting on a live show. Speaking of seeing him live, JV is on tour now with a five-piece band. I highly, highly recommend you go see him wherever you can. All the info you need to do so is here.

Fetal Horses.mp3

I live with another.
I stole her from her lover.

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