May 18, 2009

Deleted Scenes//Fake IDs

I’m having a moody Monday. How about you?
What is Monday Mail?

So, Dave at Fanatic says:

Washington, DC-based band Deleted Scenes recently released its debut album Birdseed Shirt to much critical praise. Notably, the album recently received an 8.0 rating from tastemaking culture website, Pitchfork Media. The band is currently walking through that opened door by shining a brighter light on its album – one that reveals a record with a style that has already been referred to to as “an acid-trip that is absolutely habit forming” (Madison Isthmus)…

I’m not sure how much anybody really cares about Pitchfork these days. Actually, does anybody even read Pitchfork? If you read Pitchfork, raise your digital hand.

Regardless, I like this song a lot. It’s got pretty sounds. And I’m feeling a little sad today. I spent yesterday evening and this morning listening to Cat Power, Elliott Smith and Chris Garneau, to give you an idea. If you’re feeling like me, this should compliment your case of the Mondays nicely.

Also, I would like to mention, I’ve never owned a fake ID. Phew. I'm really glad I got that off my chest.

Fake IDs.mp3

Dave says Deleted Scenes play Pianos tonight (although, theres’s strangely no mention of this on their myspace).

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