April 27, 2009


Golden rays, ocean breezes, Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

I don’t know about where you are, but here in NYC, the weather was beautiful ALL WEEKEND LONG! I had a lovely time outside at a rooftop bbq, a backyard houseshow and the Brooklyn Botantical Garden. With that in mind, I officially declare it Summer Jams Week at OSS. To help you gear up for Memorial Day Weekend, all week we’ll be featuring quintessential jams from summers past as well as warm-weather-themed new jams.

This M!M! comes from a band whose new album makes reference to the nice weather (Everybody, Come Outside!) and whose sweetest song is called Beachcomber! It’s Monday. It’s 80. If you’re not stuck inside, break out the sunblock!

This from Clyde at Fanatic:

Artists such as French Kicks and Islands responded to Pomegranates’ dynamic live set by inviting them out on the road. Everybody, Come Outside! shows a marked improvement both creatively and sonically from its predecessor, channeling influences that range from Talking Heads and Brian Eno, to French Kicks and Fela Kuti.


Pomegranates play Mercury Lounge on May 13th.

Summer Jam: The hottest summer on record in the USA was that of dust bowly 1936, when the average nationwide temperature was 74.6 degrees.

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