April 21, 2009

The Futureheads//Hounds of Love

I once saw The Futureheads in a tiny, crowded and sweaty pub in Bristol, UK with my dear friend Matt. It was 2004 and I was living in London and I was so fucking depressed. I missed my friends and strangely, my homeland. The whole experience actually gave me a much greater appreciation for America. It took me months to adjust to the idea that there weren’t any 24-hour establishments (not even grocery stores…oh…I guess there was that one shady Tesco out by Surrey Quay...) and that I had to literally beg waiters to make my Indian food spicy (and even then, they still didn’t).

Anyway, I heard The Futureheads on a comp and really liked them, so we checked them out. I was endeared by what I had read about the band (that two members had met working together with disadvantaged youth). Of course, the curiosity paid off--the show was great and the band was super tight. Within a year, I was seeing them everywhere.

Hopefully, this cover won’t offend any hardcore Kate Bush devotees or take away from the fact that The Futureheads write plenty of their own hyper-catchy great-fun material. I honestly think this particular track is very well done, especially in regards to the vocal arrangements and the instrumental builds.

Hounds of Love.mp3

The hounds of love are calling.
I've always been a coward
And I don't know what's good for me.

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