February 17, 2009

The Stranglers//Golden Brown

I love this song! Like, really, really love it. The vibe is totally unique and the harpsichord sound is unmatched in its awesomeness.

This song has been popping up on various mixes (my own and others) over the last 8 years or so for me. I’ve been reminded of it more often recently, as it makes a prominent appearance on an older mix that has been in heavy rotation for me lately.

I was under the impression that this was the only decent song by this pioneering UK punk/post-punk/new-wavey outfit (there have been a lot of genre innovations from the 70s to today!), but a quick scan of the internet proves me (mostly) wrong. While I’m not sure that any of the other tracks I’ve heard exactly measure up to this one, the rest of the canon is certainly not bad.

This 1981 song got some extra exposure from an inclusion on the Snatch soundtrack. Apparently The Stranglers are STILL touring, which is kind of amazing, considering their drummer is now 70 years old. Tuesday’s lesson: KEEP “ROCKING”!

Golden Brown.mp3

Every time, just like the last,
On her ship, tied to the mast.
To distant lands,
Takes both my hands,
Never a frown,
With golden brown.


Kevin said...

That song was really freakin' awesome!

g said...

Definitely one of my faves!