February 16, 2009

Rufus Wainwright//Rebel Prince, Matt Jones//Threadlines

A random tidbit, to start the week, One Sweet Song got a nice feature in Chicago’s Cul de sac Magazine. You can read it here.

On to tunes; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post on Friday, due to internet issues. To make it up to you, I’m posting double the songs today.

I had an epic weekend of shows—three in as many days!

The middle show was Rufus Wainwright, which I attended with my stepmom (she asked me to post “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” here—sorry, Cake, not my favorite!) and my sister (first concert, what what!). In addition to providing a nice opportunity to explain the word “flamboyant” to a 13-year-old, Wainwright really knows how to put on a show, despite the fact that he may have drug-induced ADD. I was pleased that he played plenty of tracks of off my favorite album, Poses, which always reminds me of driving around with Kenny in high school. I was particularly happy that he went for this song, in addition to “Grey Gardens.” Love both of these tracks very much. He also played "Hallelujah," which nearly reduced me to a puddle of pathetic tears.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Wainwright is another product of the Brion golden touch.

Rebel Prince.mp3

The other two of the three were friend and fellow Ann Arbor scene veteran Matt Jones, who was also the first L!M!F! Feature, and who is currently on a month+ long tour in support of his freshly released full length The Black Path. I highly suggest that everyone buy this album. Definitely one of the best things I’ve heard this year so far.

In addition to “Threadlines,” “Holy Light” and “Waltzing With Lady Dawn” are totally stellar tracks. How can you not like a song that starts out with the lyrics, “I’ve been drinking like it’s Mother’s Day.”?

Also, catch Matt live, if you can. He’ll probably be in or near your city in the next month.


That’s right,
I’m cutting loose from winter.
I’ll leave her frozen in ponds and city lights.


Kevin said...

Thanks for doing the interview.

I'm glad you had some show-fun. I need to get out more to the shows around here; hopefully, this will start next week.

Kevin said...

Hey, you ever check out Chris Bathgate? Friend of Matt's. Also: Frontier Ruckus.

g said...

Hey Kevin,

Yep, Chris is a friend of mine. :)