February 2, 2009

Roxy Music//More Than This

I went on a really awesome trip to Vermont this weekend with Anika. It was cold and snowy and perfect. We saw friends, snowshoed up a mountain and visited Magic Hat Brewery (where I got a growler of my favorite, #9!).

I love roadtrips. I love getting out of town. I love the crappy food you feel entitled to eat at rest areas. I love driving, because living in the city keeps me from doing it much these days, so I’m not ever sick of it. Most of all, I love the opportunity to break out mixtapes and CDs past, or make brand new ones for the occasion. There’s something special about being in cars. It’s a small, closed space that lends itself to the manufacturing of nostalgia-worthy moments. Of course, sucker that I am, I buy right into this.

This song came on an older mix and it got us talking about nostalgia, because the track is so thick with it. While Anika isn’t a fan, I think this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard (and Sara agrees!). There’s something that just makes you want to die about it, in the most beautiful way possible. According to Wikipedia, the word nostalgia “is made up of two Greek roots (νόστος nostos ‘returning home’ and άλγος algos ‘pain’), to refer to ‘the pain a sick person feels because he wishes to return to his native home, and fears never to see it again.’” I think that speaks for itself.

This song goes out to Becky, who is feeling nostalgic today.

More Than This.mp3

It was fun for a while.
There was no way of knowing.
Like dream in the night,
Who can say where we´re going.


rebecca for moderns said...

thanks friend. i need this.

Kevin said...

I love this song. And I had just recently read about the etymology of "nostalgia" as well, so I'm glad to see it's getting around.

Jacob said...

A friend of mine put a very scary spin on this song by having it as part of the soundtrack to a short film having to do with a literal interpretation of stiletto/object fetishism. There was a "sex" scene and this song was used in the background with a second identical but slightly detuned version playing underneath it. Needless to say, it was fairly disturbing.