February 26, 2009

Liquid Liquid//Optimo

Wow! Wow!
Double! Double!
Liquid! Liquid!

I believe my introduction to Liquid Liquid was on some comp. Perhaps a Rough Trade Post Punk thing, perhaps some kind of New York No Wave thing. I had kind of forgotton about their unique brand of minimalist funk until Travis put this song on the mix he made me around Christmastime.

Liquid Liquid, in addition to being a very influential early 80s NYC Avant Garde outfit, has seen its members do some pretty cool things. From Wikipedia:

Dennis Young is still active and producing music, and has been remixed by Hot Chip and Tussle. Richard McGuire is well-established graphic designer with frequent contributions to both The New Yorker magazine, and The New York Times Book Review. Salvatore Principato is active in various electronic music recording projects, as well as DJ'ing professionally around the world.


Some things that have been named Double Trouble: a character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power, a game for the 1999 FIRST Robotics competition and a Hardy Boys novel.

Double your purpose, double your pleasure?


Tom said...

There is a very popular Glasgow clubnight which goes by the name of Optimo Espacio, after this song. Brilliant night with the best DJs in the UK, Twitch and Wilkes. Going this Sunday!!

g said...

sounds like a great reason to visit glasgow!