February 5, 2009

Dead Kennedys//Holiday in Cambodia

Oh no, guys. I’m on a bay area punk kick. Someone please stop me! Or else prepare for more!!!

Last night, while recording vocals for the next Palmyra EP, Kenny started singing like Jello Biafra. Then we both broke into this awesome DK song. Sean was only mildly amused.

Kenny was actually my first exposure to the idea of Dead Kennedys, because he used to wear (what I assume was) his brother’s iconic DK tee shirt around school. You know the one:

What a cool guy. Later, this girl who I totally thought was the neatest/was completely crushed out on (two years older and two years cooler) put this song on a mix tape for me (which I still definitely have and still definitely listen to, because it’s a great tape).

Holiday in Cambodia.mp3

It’s a holiday in Cambodia!
It’s tough, kid, but it’s life!


theneedledrop said...

I get weird looks at the gym with my old, ratty DK shirt.

g said...

dude! dk shirt is prime gymwear!

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