January 26, 2009

The Rural Alberta Advantage//The Deadroads

My friend Brandon turned me on to this band (I think he was turned on by eMusic Selects). Their new debut album is indeed pretty awesome.

Anyone who has love for Neutral Milk Hotel will be able to find some love for this band, which in certain sections might even get a little too close for comfort to those weird trumpety-filled builds and the nasally singing. While the lyrics don’t come anywhere near the warped brilliance of a Jeff Mangum verse, there is a simple..well…rural-ness about them that’s easy to find endearing. They also tip-toe into electronics and straight pop sensibility a good deal more than their Elephant Six forefathers.

The Deadroads.mp3

The RAA plays tomorrow at Pianos in LES. See you there!

I never tried.
I hope you died until you left me.

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